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  1. Nakinos
    During pre-World War II and World War II Shōwa Japan, bushido was pressed into use for militarism, to present war as purifying, and death a duty. This was presented as revitalizing traditional values and "transcending the modern". Bushidō would provide a spiritual shield to let soldiers fight to the end. As the war turned, the spirit of bushidō was invoked to urge that all depended on the.
  2. Mikajin
    “ Alright, everyone! It's time for our takeover! Let's go~! ” Wakamiya Eve Member Wakamiya Eve 【Card Story】 Band Rarity Attribute Skill Name I Take All Battles Seriously (いつだって真剣勝負) Skill (Lvl 5) Life Recovery and Score increased by 60% for secs Availability Hazy Samurai Heart Gacha Server Availability.
  3. Faejora
    Bushido is a Japanese word that describes the code of honor and morals developed by the samurai. At Bushido Studio I take the seven virtues of the samurai and incorporate them into my practice. Justice, Courage, Mercy, Respect, Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty are more than just words to me, they are a lifestyle that I pursue and hold with the.
  4. Mikabar
    Bushido is a video game published in on DOS by Advanced Computer Products. It's an action game, set in a fighting and martial arts themes. Download Bushido - My Abandonware/5(16).
  5. Sagore
    BUSHIDO Aks. If you have any questions about the BUSHIDO information page below please contact us. A Summary of Sailing Yacht BUSHIDO. The sailing yacht BUSHIDO is a 38 metre (foot) good sized steel vessel which was developed by Aks and her design is by Studio Scanu. This private boat has been brought about from a naval architect called.
  6. Dajar
    Bushido (武士道?, "the way (or the moral) of the warrior") is a Japanese term for the samurai way of life, loosely analogous to the concept of chivalry in Europe. The "way" itself originates from the samurai moral values, most commonly stressing some combination of .
  7. Kazibar
    Bushido, the code of conduct of the samurai of premodern Japan. In the midth century the precepts of Bushido were made the basis of ethical training for the whole of society (in relation to the emperor). Instruction in the code was officially abandoned in , though elements of it .
  8. Migul
    Mar 01,  · "Bushido: The Soul of Japan" is an interesting book, outlining the codes and ethics of the Samurai warrior class of Tokugawa era Japan. Much like the code of Chivalry of European Knights (of which the book makes comparisons), Bu-shi-do (Military - Knight - Way) lays down stringent rules of behavior towards superiors and inferiors, of behavior in battle and in peace, as well as the minute of /5(15).
  9. Dutaxe
    Rarity: Attribute: Happy Server availability: Japanese version; English version; Taiwanese version; Korean version; Release date: July 31, , AM (Local time.

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